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not a season ticket member yet?

Place a deposit for the 2020 season today and get access to season tickets before the general public.

How It Works

  • $50 deposit will go toward your season ticket price.
  • Current season ticket members get first access, then those who have placed a deposit. The earlier you place the deposit the better priority you receive.
  • Deposits must be submitted by Sept. 3.
  • A Louisville City ticket representative will contact you.
Click below to add your name to the 2020 Waiting List with a $50 deposit. 

When can I buy season tickets?

$50 Deposit FAQs

What is a Season Ticket Deposit?

Placing a $50 deposit gives you access to purchase season tickets before they go on sale to the general public. The deposit is applied to your overall ticket balance at the time of your seat selection appointment.

I'm a current Season Ticket Member, do I need to make a deposit?

No, you are already in our priority list for 2020 season tickets. Watch your email for updates on when your seat selection begins. 

Why should I place a deposit?

Season tickets for 2020 will be made available for purchase based on a priority list. The earlier you place a deposit, the higher priority is assigned to your account. There is a chance that Louisville City sells out of season tickets before the general public will get a chance to select seats. Placing a deposit gives you priority over the general public. 

What can I use my deposit on?

Your deposit can only be used for 2020 Season Tickets.

Do I need to place a deposit for each seat I intend to purchase?

No, just one deposit is needed per account. Each account is able to purchase as many as eight season tickets online. If more than eight are desired, you can call 502-LOU-CITY to arrange seats for the total number of people in your party. 

Why $50 for the deposit?

The deposit amount is intended to be a measure of security for the club about your seriousness in purchasing tickets. The deposit is applied to your overall ticket balance at the time of your seat selection appointment.

How much are Season Tickets?

In 2020, Season Tickets will range from $16-$65 per seat, per match, excluding suite, loge and club seating.

What if I don't use my deposit?

Louisville City FC season ticket deposits are non-refundable and must be applied to a Louisville City season ticket package.

How will I choose my new seats?

Deposit holders will select their new seat location after existing Season Ticket Members finish their appointments and renew their tickets. After that, deposit holders will be contacted with a specific seating appointment date and time to pick their seats.

Who is ahead of me in line?

Louisville City FC Season Ticket Member priority is established when you first purchase your season tickets. Priority is maintained by consecutive years of a Season Ticket Membership purchase. Our Season Ticket Members will have priority access to 2020 season tickets. Once current Season Ticket Members have selected their seats, the next priority goes to fans who have placed a $50 deposit.

How many seats are available in the new stadium?

The stadium will have 11,700 permanent seats. A portion of those seats will not be available for season tickets. Once Season Ticket Members select their season tickets, all other available seats will be available for selection by those who have placed $50 deposits. After those on the waiting list select their seats, the general public will get access to purchase season tickets from the remaining seats. 

I am a 2019 Flex Pack Holder. Do I need to place a deposit?

Yes, your current Flex Pack does not establish priority for Season Tickets in 2020.

Will I be guaranteed Season Tickets with my $50 deposit?

The deposit placed for 2020 does not guarantee Season Tickets, but the earlier you place a deposit, the higher priority is assigned to your account.


Call 502-LOU-CITY, Option 2 or e-mail for more details.