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Niall McCabe on City's massive victory over Indy on Saturday

By LouCity, 10/20/18, 10:15PM EDT


On the club’s overall performance:
“We were pretty good. Pretty disappointed we didn’t get the shutout obviously. It means a lot for the team when we get that shutout, especially for Greg [Ranjitsingh] and the back four. Pretty disappointed about that but on the whole, the objective is to advance so really pleased that we could do that. Four goals was pretty nice.”

On the sporadic scoring with multiple players scoring goals:
“We have threats from all over the park, whether it’s set pieces or Cam [Lancaster] with his phenomenal goal scoring. We have threats all over the pitch and it’s nice when everyone can kind of get a piece of the pie. The most important thing is winning at this stage. Everyone is just busting their tails to help in any way they can. It is what it is.”

On being undefeated at home in the playoffs and what makes them so strong:
“I think just mental toughness. We know what it takes. We’ve been here before. We have the experience. The stage doesn’t get to you. We’ve been here numerous times. We have guys from year one and we’ve made it this far. Experience counts for a lot at this stage so hopefully, it continues.”

On a new role and how he has adapted:
“It’s a little bit different. Just a little bit more offensive responsibility. But it’s nice also. I can kind of get forward and make those late runs, try to get on track in front of the box and stuff like that. Yeah, it’s just different but I’m quite versatile myself. As long as I’m on the pitch helping out, I don’t mind.”

On if the club saw something last week against Indy and their approach during free kicks:
“Credit to Danny Cruz. He does a lot of work on that analysis side of things and he’s part of an area that we could exploit on corners. The original plan was to try the first one and see how it went and it went pretty good so we said let’s see if it’s there again. It’s something we work on, not just physically but tactically we work very hard. So it’s nice to see when it comes off and it gives everyone an insight on how hard we work.”

On if anything was said before the game that carried the team throughout the match:
“We were aware of their threats from having played them so recently. All week we worked on stuff that we thought caused a little bit of problems last week so we addressed that all week and I think we did a pretty good job on adjustments. That was kind of just the theme – just capitalizing on what they did good against us last week and trying to stop it this week.”