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Paolo DelPiccolo runs over City's win on Saturday

By LouCity, 10/13/18, 11:30PM EDT


On wrapping up the season and looking ahead to the playoffs:
“It feels good. Going into the game, we knew we were going to be the two-seed. For us, we have the mentality that there's not a game that doesn't mean anything. Every game is important and for us, we went out there and did what we could to win tonight.” 

On what the new points and win record this year say about the team compared to previous teams:
“That might be a bit misleading, I think we’ve had more games this season. The points per game, no, we're a good group. We're just really committed group and you saw it last year, this year, we're just here every week to play as hard as we can show it all year.” 

On whether the team talks about repeating as USL Cup Champions:
“We don't talk about it too much. I mean again for us it's just we know what we have to do. We had to worry about Indy, and now we'll see how the table plays out. It might be Indy again next week. We’re just preparing for the next game. You think about in your head and just try not to talk about it.” 

On having a full week of preparation before the playoffs start:
“It's been a long season and we’ve played a lot of midweek games this year. So for us to- I mean for me personally, I got the whole week off. For us as a team, we have a whole week off. The guys need it. It's the time of the year to play so many games back to back to back. It's good to have a full week of preparation.