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Niall McCabe shares his thoughts on World Mental Health Day

By LouCity, 10/10/18, 7:30PM EDT


"Mental Health Day… It’s something that should be more than one day. I think the stats say that one in five people will suffer from some sort of mental illness and the stigma is too negative towards it. It should be changed. Instead of being stigmatized and frowned upon, these people should be celebrated. To battle with yourself every day is probably the hardest battle you can have.

I think it’s good that when people find something that gets themselves out of a tough zone, even for a short amount of time--painting, or playing an instrument, or playing soccer, for example—it can help people relieve some of that trouble and that’s the power that activity has. I hope people can find their relief.

More needs to be done to help combat mental illness because it’s deadly. A lot of people can get overwhelmed by it and end up doing things that hurt themselves. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. They are always willing to listen."