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John Hackworth expresses his delight over City's performance in Toronto

By LouCity, 10/05/18, 11:15PM EDT


On if the team improved again tonight in the win:
“Anytime you go on the road and you get three goals and look like you’re going to get a shutout going into the final minutes of the game, that’s always good. We’ll take it. We talked about it a little bit but we think the second half can be improved upon in terms of our performance. All around, we need to dictate the tempo of the game a little better with the ball but we did what we needed to do and got three points. Toronto is not an easy opponent so we’re all good.”

On conceding the late goal:
“It is frustrating. All of us are frustrated by it. It puts a little bit of a sour taste on a good win but maybe that’s something we need to look at a little more carefully. I think it was an issue previously that we were giving up previously late in games and it’s still there. Clearly, that’s something that we need to work on.”

On inserting Ilija Ilic, Luke Spencer, and Jonathan Lewis into the lineup:
“I was really happy with those guys and specifically with Ilija. I thought he was really good all night long and it was good to see him not only play well but play the full 90 minutes and to contribute the way he did was fantastic.”

On the centerback pairing of Paco Craig and Alexis Souahy and Souahy’s goal:
“I think [Alexis] and Paco have formed a good relationship and so we’re dangerous on those set pieces and we have different targets. You’re right, I thought Paco should’ve maybe had a goal but Alexis gets one and that’s fantastic. That was an important goal at that point in the game.”

On Cameron Lancaster’s impact:
“You just nailed it—you put Cam on the field and in those moments he’s lethal. It was a great little combination play that sprung him and he had a lot to do with the finish but he executed it perfectly.”

On George Davis IV reaching 200 appearances in the USL modern era:
“George, I actually didn’t know about. That’s a huge accomplishment. I haven’t even told him congratulations yet to be fair but I certainly will.”

On finishing the regular season in Louisville:
“I think we just need to continue to build and now we get to do it without any distractions of being on the road and the travel and all that. It’ll be nice to be home. Tuesday will be a special game celebrating this team and helping cancer research and specifically breast cancer. I think we’ve gotten through a tough little stretch here and now we’re looking forward to coming home and playing in front of our fans. But, we still have a lot of work to do with North Carolina and Indy. Both of those teams are playoff contenders and are in the hunt and both of them need results, so we’re facing two difficult opponents at home but we’re absolutely looking forward to it.”

On if the team is peaking at the right time:
“I don’t think we’ve peaked yet, which is a good thing. We need to peak in the playoffs. We need to be playing our best soccer and, clearly, each time you play an opponent they present different challenges for you. It’s not always apples to apples, but I feel good about our approach, our preparation, our mentality, and our ideas and concepts. I think we’re getting better and we want to still keep doing that and hopefully we can throughout the rest of the way.”