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Halftime reveals importance for LouCity's success

By Alexis Chevalier / Louisville City FC, 10/11/17, 3:45PM EDT


Coach James O'Connor and players talk about an important aspect of the game that get most overlooked.

Photo by: Bee Buck Photography

There are many aspects of a successful team, but often the most overlooked is communication. When on the field, the games can get so frantic that it makes it difficult for even teammates to talk and get on the same page, let alone a coach getting a clear message to them. 

In Saturday’s resilient win against Charlotte, opening scorer for Louisville City FC, George Davis IV, shined a little bit of light on how difficult it can be to get to a teammate playing almost next to you.

“I spoke with Niall at halftime, we got to the end line a bunch of times in the first half and we couldn’t connect. I just had a word with him that if I get to the end line or he gets to the end line, look for the cutback.” Davis IV scored in the 57th minute Saturday. 

Halftime may be the most important part of the game, as that is when Coach James O’Connor has a chance to make sure the boys in purple hear him loud and clear.

Coach preaches perseverance, and it shows that the team has been responding in their last few games. In games that would otherwise end in ties when an opponent comes back and ties the match after being down, LouCity has found a way to push through and get the game-winner before the clock runs out.

After Saturday’s game, coach reiterated what he tells his team. “I think the most pleasing thing from me tonight is the character, the perseverance from the players and the professionalism.” He added, “I think the perseverance and the character showed. I think I love to see that, when you react to that and keep fighting and keep going, trying to win the game.”

While finding time to get a message across can be difficult during a game, Louisville City FC has been finding ways to get it done. The Eastern Conference Champions look to finish their regular season schedule with a win Saturday against the Richmond Kickers.