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LouCity vs. Pittsburgh is a clash of USL leaders

By Madison Mitzlaff, 09/07/19, 10:30AM EDT


All USL fans know Louisville City has the last two USL Cups, but Pittsburgh Riverhounds have been very successful over the years as well. Saturday night's clash is a battle of two of the USL's most successful clubs. 

Here's a look back at the series history between the two:

2019 – April 6: LouCity 0, Pittsburgh 1 – Louisville Slugger Field

It was a stalemate for 70-plus minutes until Neco Brett scored in the 74'. Louisville City had numerous chances in the final 16 minutes plus added time, but couldn't find the equalizer. 

2018 – September 15: LouCity 2, Pittsburgh 2 – Pittsburgh's Highmark Stadium

Cameron Lancaster scored a left-footed shot in the 31' to put Louisville City ahead 1-0. Alexis Souahy followed with a header in the 70' to put Louisville City up 2-0. There was an own goal by Greg Ranjitsingh in the 86'. Kenardo Forbes converted a penalty for the Riverhounds in the 90' to tie the game. 

2018 – June 27: LouCity 0, Pittsburgh 1 – Louisville Slugger Field

Pittsburgh Riverhounds' Kenardo Forbes scores in the 79' with a right-footed shot from the left side of the box to the bottom right corner to put the Riverhounds on the scoreboard. Louisville goalkeeper Greg Ranjitsingh had 3 saves.

2017 – September 9: LouCity 3, Pittsburgh 0, Pittsburgh Highmark Stadium

Louisville City's Mark-Anthony Kaye fed a ball through defenders to Luke Spencer for the team's first goal in the 33'. Defender Kyle Smith recovered a loose ball and finished with another goal in 43', followed by a converted penalty by Devon Williams in the 54' to shut out the Riverhounds. Louisville City goalkeeper Greg Ranjitsingh had 2 saves.

2017 – May 20: LouCity 1, Pittsburgh 0, Pittsburgh Highmark Stadium

Louisville City's Luke Spencer scores early in the 7' with an assist by Brian Ownby to open the game. Louisville goalkeeper Tim Dobrowolski was 4 for 4 with saves.

2016 – August 5: LouCity 2, Pittsburgh 1, Pittsburgh Highmark Stadium

George Davis IV scored twice in the second half to push Louisville City past the Riverhounds for the win (goals in the 56' and 82'). Riverhounds' Michael Green scored in the 27' for a halftime score of 1-0. Louisville goalkeeper Greg Ranjitsingh had 2 saves.

2016 – April 27: LouCity 2, Pittsburgh 2, Louisville Slugger Field

Pittsburgh opened the scoring in the 10' with a finish from Romeo Parkes for a halftime score of 1-0. Louisville City responded with a header by Chandler Hoffman in the 57'. Pittsburgh's Corey Herzog scored off a penalty kick in the 75' to put the Riverhounds up 2-1. Conor Shanosky scored to tie the game for LouCity in the 88'. Louisville goalkeeper Scott Goodwin picked up a red card in the 75', replaced by Greg Ranjitsingh for his first minutes of the season. Ranjitsingh had 1 save.

2015 – August 29: LouCity 0, Pittsburgh 1, Louisville Slugger Field

After a pair of Riverhound and one Louisville yellow cards, Pittsburgh's Rob Vincent scored off of a penalty goal in the 44' just before the halftime whistle. 

2015 – July 18: LouCity 2, Pittsburgh 1, Pittsburgh Highmark Stadium

Magnus Rasmussen scored in the 15' to put Louisville City up, but was quickly followed by a goal from Riverhounds' Kevin Kerr in the 20' for a draw at halftime. Matthew Fondy puts one more on the scoreboard for Louisville in the 66' to win. 

2015 – April 19: LouCity 1, Pittsburgh 1, Pittsburgh Highmark Stadium

Riverhounds' Fejiro Okiomah opened the scoring in the 38' with a header for the Pittsburgh 1-0 lead at halftime. Louisville's Kadeem Dacres responded with a heroic goal in the 90' for a draw at the end of the match. Louisville goalkeeper Scott Goodwin had 3 saves.