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Hubbard: LouCity responding well

By LouCity, 07/24/19, 11:30PM EDT


Louisville City is back to work this week after a frustrating result vs. Bethlehem Steel last Saturday. LouCity goalkeeper Chris Hubbard says he likes the way his teammates are responding to Saturday's match. 

"It was a frustrating result, that's for sure, but everybody came out here and put their work in today," Hubbard said. "Really high intensity, good quality, so it was the right response. We just gotta carry in through the rest of the week and into Sunday."

Louisville City fell to 7th place in the Eastern Conference after Saturday's match. While the top 10 teams make the playoffs, Louisville City holds themselves to a higher standard. 

"I think there is a confidence that we all have, that we can all play a good brand of soccer," Hubbard said. "Just not getting the results is extremely frustrating for everyone, but we know that it's coming, we know the potential that there is around here for us to not just win games, but score a lot of goals, so it's just a matter of unlocking that and finding the right mix."

With more than half the season complete, Hubbard and his teammates would be justified in looking at the league table, but Hubbard said that's not his style. 

"I try not to, personally. I did the same thing in college," Hubbard said. "I just try to worry about us. At some point it's always in the back of your mind about where you are in the table and what you can do to change it, but I always try to ignore it if I can and just focus on us, but it's tough to ignore the longer and longer you go, but once the results start coming then I don't think I'll need to look into it."

Louisville City travels to Virginia Saturday to prep for LouCity's next matchup, a 7:30 Sunday night tilt vs. Loudoun United. 

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