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LouCity draws vs. Saint Louis

By LouCity, 05/18/19, 10:30PM EDT


Louisville City drew vs. Saint Louis FC Saturday night in front of the largest May crowd in LouCity history (9,688). The draw netted a point, but Louisville City's coaches and players weren't satisfied with the single point, they wanted three. 

"I’m just disappointed," coach John Hackworth said. "I literally want to apologize to the fans at the same time telling them they’re great, but we’re sorry we didn’t get you the three points. They deserve to celebrate like no other tonight, and that would’ve been fantastic for them.”

LouCity gave incredible effort, but they couldn’t find the net. They certainly had chances, more than a dozen of them in fact.

In the 5' Paco Craig had a header blocked. In the 7' Speedy Williams' 35-yard shot just missed to the left. In the 9' Oscar Jimenez blasted a shot into the bottom left corner, but it was saved by Jake Fenlason.

In the 11' a shot by Magnus Rasmussen was caught in the center of the box, and then Luke Spencer's left-footed shot in the 22' was blocked. Just before half, Williams had an attempt on target, but it was saved by Fenlason. 

"I mean, the chances did come, and they came in bunches sometimes. It was difficult to get it in the goal," LouCity's Oscar Jimenez said. "You gotta give credit to Saint Louis because you look at their past results, they are a very resilient team. They’re really hard to score against, they have really clean sheets. It’s tough when you get a bunch of chances like that you have to connect, but you watch the game, you can see how they swarm the goal and made it very difficult to score. You gotta give credit to them, but you gotta be better than that."

Louisville City started the second half much like the first with chances aplenty. Rasmussen had a shot blocked in the 48', Niall McCabe had a shot on frame caught in the 50' and Williams had a header on the left side of the box caught in the 51'. 

And still more. McCabe's right-footed blast just missed to the right in the 54' and a header by Spencer in the 56' just missed to the right. Williams had a shot sail in the 60' and Rasmussen's shot to the center of the goal was caught by Fenlason in the 61'. Spencer had another shot blocked in the 63'. Rasmussen had a shot that just missed the frame in the 69'. 

There was a span of time late in the game when Louisville City didn't create many chances, but the final 10 minutes were a flurry of activity. George Davis IV's blast from outside the box was caught by Fenlason in the 85'. Then Spencer had a shot blocked in the box in the 95' and Abdou Thiam's shot was blocked just outside the box eight seconds later.

"With this team here, you are always coming out expecting to win every game," Jimenez said. "0-0, 85th minute, everyone is tired, you’re still up, doesn’t matter, we’re going for the win. We’re not trying to sit back and get this tie, we’re not about that, we’re about winning. When we don’t win, we get a tie, it’s better, because you get one point, but at the same time there’s frustration in the locker room. You know, we're about three points."

The final result was a draw, sending both teams home with one point. Saint Louis is now 5-4-1 (W-D-L) on the season with 19 points. Louisville City is 5-2-4 with 17 points. 

Louisville City will travel to Bethlehem Steel for a match Sunday, May 26 at 2 p.m. 

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